New Year Goals

It has actually got to that time of the year when it is almost over and we see a New Year in! I mean, where on earth has that gone!?! In all seriousness though, it seems to be one of those years where time seems to have gone so quickly and Christmas and new year has crept up on us before we had a chance to blink!

How was everyone’s Christmas? I do hope it was filled with lots of love 💕

Ours was pretty chaotic (but oh so fun!). Having a special needs son, this time of year can be very overwhelming for him. It is a massive break in routine for him and because he has done so much at school surrounding Christmas and Santa he got very overexcited. He seems to be so much more aware of things at the moment.

In previous years, he has taken his time over opening presents he has received. He tends to open one, and if it is a toy he will play with it before he moves on to another present. It is something we have also encouraged too. We ultimately know who the gifts are from and can get photos of him playing with toys to send to the person/people who have gifted him with the gorgeous presents. Not this year though 😱😱😱 He was like a child possessed, tearing through all of the presents in record timing and not knowing where to start after there was nothing left! A bomb had hit his playroom and he was the Tasmanian devil on E numbers all day!

The funniest bit… he had us up at 2:45AM on Boxing Day because he was adamant Santa had been again with more presents! 😂 Trying to explain to an autistic 5 year old at 3AM that Santa only comes on 1 night not 2 was pretty futile!

Im so glad that I have Revital U coffee in my life! I will always be the first to admit that I really don’t do well on sleep deprivation. It makes me really poorly 😣. Thankfully the other half does so much better on minimal sleep. Without the coffee though, there is no way I would have had the energy to attempt to get on top of things on Boxing Day.

So, next up is New Year’s Day! Who makes New Years Resolutions? What are they going to be this year? Weightloss goals? Get fit? Make some extra money? Pay off Christmas? These are the common ones a lot of us make in January… Do you follow through with them? Do you achieve those goals by the end of the year?

A little about Revital U coffee:- Our revolutionary coffee aids with providing more energy, better focus and clarity, suppresses appetite which in turn helps with weightloss! I have found that I now have so much more energy that I am moving so much more and eating less! I am also no longer reaching into the treats cupboard at 9pm either! Less junk food for me 😁 It just takes 1 cup of Revital U coffee a day!

I love being a part of this fantastic business too! The coffee has benefitted me so much that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to spread the word and tell people about how much the coffee has helped me and so many others!

At present, we are only launched in USA, Canada and the UK and will be expanding across Europe pretty soon.

What have you got to lose? We have a full 30 day money back guarantee from our website too so everyone is covered! There are some lovely recipes on the website too! Take a look ⭐️🤩🤩 (UK website) (USA and Canada website)


New business in hyper growth… what’s stopping U?

So… Christmas is coming… no news there then! But I do have a few questions for you. 1.How many of you dread January?

2. how many of you dread the January Credit Card bill?

3.What will your New Years resolutions going to be? Lose weight? Start afresh with a new career? Extra money in the bank every month?

Are these the sort of New Years resolutions you make every year and never start them? Ok, I know there are a few questions there but in all honestly, how many of those questions can you actually relate to? So what if I told you that you can earn £1000 throughout December. Make £1000!!! Have I peaked your interest?

Ask me how Revital U can earn you money as easily as sample, story, sort!


Make goals achievable!

Can you believe we are almost at the end of another year? I mean… where on earth has the time gone?!?!?!? In a few weeks it will be christmas and New Year! A time for celebration, family, friends, reflecting on the year and making goals to achieve for the following year.

I am blessed to have such a great family around me and a few close friends. I know that I need to see those friends more and it is something I need to work on. When we do talk, it is like we have never been away from each other!

One of the difficulties I have around this time of year is making goals that are (questionably) achievable. I set myself high goals that can be achieved but fail to break them down into manageable pieces and get frustrated by a certain time when I have hardly made a dent into them. I suppose the same can be said for other things in life. In all honesty, how many of us have made a New Years resolution to eat healthier, go to the gym and lose the weight that we have put on from overindulging in the christmas festivities? I know I certainly have!

Usually by the third week in January, a few of us have basically given up on the idea of going to the gym or never had started it in the first place and clear the house of all the bad foods before starting again with the diet… Yeah I dont think much of that food is going into the bin. How many of us get boxes of chocolate and biscuits over christmas? I know my son will be as happy ploughing his way through it! (I dont think his dentist will be overly happy though….)

Personally, I think that the odd treat isnt going to hurt anyone. A piece of chocolate once a week or a take away once a month is no big deal. By a piece of chocolate, in my head I think of half a twix or a segment of Terry’s Chocolate Orange – lets face it, they are soooo easy to anhialate all in one go. Same can be said for takeaways though, not ordering an extra large pizza for each of us… smaller portions right? I know previously we have ordered in enough food to feed a small army and most of it gets thown away. I mean, what a waste of money right? More often than not, I have heard myself say that i can’t be bothered to cook because Im tired and have had a busy day at work, the little one has been up snce 4AM or something else as an excuse not to make the effort to make a healthy home made meal.

I know my goal in the New Year is to continue trying to lose weight and tone up. Build my core strength up again. It’s not like I haven’t got some equiptment at home that I could be using to make a decent start. The main aim for these sorts of goals is to move more and to eat less right? Never deny yourself the rare treat (and I mean rare, else I know I’d fall back into bad habits) and for those rare trats I must have EARNED them, not just because I feel like eating a pizza because I’m too tired to do anything else.

The added benefit that I have is that I have been introduced to Revital U coffee. I know i’m such a bad eater because of the chronic fatigue I suffer. When your that tired and physically cannot do too much, you tend to grab for things as a comfort. I certainly do! Bag of crisps and a fizzy drink in front of netflix while our body is trying to gather strength.

Being on this coffee though, one a day, I never feel the urge to grab for the bad foods, the treat foods that should be rarely eaten. My sweet tooth for junk food seems to have disappeared. I rarely touch chocolate anymore. Same goes with take aways. I actually cannot remember when I last had a takeaway because I was too tired to cook. Having these stepping stones in place before the new year will be the difference between success and failure of the goal to lose weight and tone up. I know I certainly wont be eating too much over christmas because the coffee has lessened my appetite, I don’t need as much to feel full anymore. This also means that I wont have extra weight to lose after christmas and getting frustrated with myself because I actually couldn’t believe how much I had overindulged!

Does any of this sound like the sort of thing you would do over christmas and new year? Be honest. I can certainly say that it is me without a shadow of a doubt! All I can say to any of you at this point is honestly think about what your goals will be in the new year. If it is about weight and fitness, why not start making those stepping stones now? Use revital U brew as your first drink of the day. The bonus is, you get a full 30 day money back guarantee (Which falls after xmas if you get yours today so you can see if it helps you over the xmas period). If you don’t notice any improvement in your energy levels or concentration, or you don’t notice that your appetite has reduced, then you get your money back! For me, it works. For a lot of others it has worked too. It is worth a try right?

Christmas is coming and the weight is coming off!

Well it is only 5 weeks away. 5 weeks until Christmas. The season where everyone spends time with the family, gives gifts and overindulges in food (I am very guilty of finishing off the food that is typically not the healthiest… 🙈🙈)

My Crohns at this time of year is always more of an issue because there are so many things I can and cannot eat. I was on IV food 2 years ago after many surgeries in a small amount of time to save my life. My healthy weight got blown out of the water on this IV food (called TPN) because there was 3000 calories in the food that was going directly into my arm every night. If there is 1 thing I absorb better than anything by a LONG shot it is fat and calories.  In around 2 months I had put on a staggering 20KG+ (Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy bunny!!!) All of the “Healthy foods” like fruits, vegetables and nuts I cannot eat in any large quantity because it agrrivates my Crohns and I cannot digest it properly. I can eat a banana and that’s the extent of how much I can have in 1 go. As you can imagine, trying to shift this added weight is a challenge in itself.

Now, I am nowhere near my finishing goal by any means. I have a distance to go. Weightloss and healthy living for me is a lot of marathons, not a little stroll in the park. As daft as it sounds, I have 1 item of clothing I have in my wardrobe that I want to be able to fit back into which is quite small (great target though right?! Who hasn’t got that 1 item of clothing they want to fit back into?!) As I have a faulty digestive system too, I have a few more challenges that the average person to overcome.

When I got introduced to Revital U coffee, I was given some samples and a success story and I am one of the biggest sceptics going! I am that person who will roll my eyes and think/say “Yeah, ok, whatever! Sounds like a lot of (insert negative word here) to me!” I went home to research this alleged miracle coffee that helps with chronic fatigue (which I struggle with as part of my Crohns) boosts energy and focus whilst aiding weightloss. It’s all natural (which I found out from doing my research) and coffee is in my “safe” category so started off slow.

To be fair, I wasn’t expecting anything, I really wasn’t. The first half of the sample I had 1 day, I had noticed an increase in energy, but thought it was a fluke. The next day I had the second half of the sample and I felt great! I managed to clean the house from top to bottom!! For me, this increased energy is a feat in itself, with the chronic fatigue I have, getting out of bed is a chore!

Now, I have been drinking Revital u from the first week in September. I can tell you now, hand on heart, I have not been wanting to pick at the crisps and chocolate cupboard nowhere near as much as I was doing! When I do, the other half knows I’m poorly but still, I have a little square of chocolate instead of the entire bar! I have more energy so I am moving around a whole lot more, dancing to music whilst cleaning the house (that is great fun by the way! Albeit I have to be careful with my joints 😂🙈🙈🙈🙈) I don’t have any scales in my house but I know that weight is slowly coming off by my clothes. My leggings are looking quite large now (yeah, I need a smaller size!) and my partner and family have all commented that I look slimmer! This is great right? I’m really excited that it works!

So, Yeah, 5 weeks until Christmas… I am determined to look and feel great this year! Small jumper… here I come! I will be wearing you again very soon!!!!


It has been an interesting week so far. There is never a dull moment and I quite like it! It gives me something to look back on and think of things I would do differently!

So, you know it is winter when…. your son gets the Norovirus, I’m struggling with arthritis and I’m permanently freezing this time of year, which isn’t great when I have pretty much no immune system…. ‘it’s the season for the lurgy!

Bless my boy though, even while he was really quite poorly, he never really whinged or made a fuss. For an autistic non verbal child, it never ceases to amaze me how resilient he is and as there is a 48 hour clear policy at his school for being sick, I had him at home with me until Thursday.

I cant get frustrated with it though, especially as I am one for “To-Do” lists and getting them done. My action points for the beginning part of the week had to be delayed as some required me to be out and about, but it wouldn’t had been fair for me to take the little one out whilst poorly… It has been absolutely exhausting and tiring! Thank heavens I have my Revital U coffee otherwise i’d be an absolute mess!!

I struggle with arthritis this time of year as I have mentioned. Part and parcel of Crohns etc etc. Anyone else struggle with the cold weather too? Being out and about, trying to keep warm whilst trying not to jump around to keep warm looks hilarious but is painful… 😖 The only other option is wearing my entire wardrobe… that would be hilarious! If anyone knows any great support items for knees and ankles… please let me know!

I hate the feeling of not being able to accomplish my To Do list for the week this week. I knew there were things I couldn’t possibly do with wee man being so poorly. So I asked myself, what else Can I do to help myself in the future? How Can I push some of my limits to develop myself further? There should be something more that I could do. What I have learned is that circumstance is what it is. How we chose to adapt to those circumstances to progress further will be what determines how far you can push your career, whether it in corporate world or as an entrepreneur.

Ok, so I haven’t been able to get out and chat to people face to face about what I do, but what I have done is participated in forum conversations, talking to people that are like minded. Researched how I can develop further. I also did my first Facebook live last week (my god, that was the scariest thing I have done, I mean, who likes listening to their own voices right?) but it is small stepping blocks to take me further.

The point to all of this? Anything is possible if you want it badly enough. Anything is possible if you work for it enough. Anything is possible if you grow yourself enough. Nothing in this life gets given to you on a plate but things can get taken away from you (for example, in my case I do not have my health)

What are your goals and what do you want to achieve in life? I’m determined not to look back at my life and regret the things I didn’t do. I’m currently out on a limb. Out of my comfort zone, doing something that I never thought I would be any good at and this is only because the product I use is working so well for me that I couldn’t NOT tell people about it 🤗

What is your motivation?

Hi Everyone

Hope your Wednesday is going to plan so far….

Now, I have had a couple of days at home with the little one, he has been off school with the sickness bug (bless him) and I have been contemplating a few things while I have been with him. What are my goals and motivations?! Seems a pretty broad question right?

Most of you know now that I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in 2007. It really hasn’t been the easiest of journeys and am pretty lucky to be here today to nurse my boy when he is poorly. That is quite a bit of motivation in itself! Everything I do, is for my son. Now, here is my other bit of motivation…I’m disabled. Getting a job in a “mainstream” company is futile. Years as an area manager counts for absolutely nothing when you have a life long disability and you spend half a year tied up in the medical world. Who wants unreliability right?

It kind of leads into my next point about goals. One goal for me is to prove a point. Yes, I am disabled (and don’t look it… that’s the whole point of an invisible disability) but want to prove that even those who have issues and spend a lot of time in hospital, are not as invaluable as those who have no issues at all. What we bring sometimes is a whole new perspective. I also have a massive drive to be successful in life. I want to make something of myself. Be somebody. That takes hard work and dedication because these things are never handed out on a plate.

I have recently decided to start with a company called Revital U International. They are a really new company (official launch was September 2017 in Texas USA) and currently have 1 great product. Coffee. Just 1 cup a day will aid in boosting energy and concentration whilst promoting weightloss. Everything is completely natural and suitable for vegans. There is absolutely nothing synthetic or nasty in it. I joined up really because I absolutely loved how it has helped with the chronic fatigue I have with the Crohn’s disease. Us IBD warriors all know how bad the fatigue is… we are lucky if we have a few minutes out of bed on some days when everything is just unbareable. I am usually napping by lunchtime. No napping for me now!

I also have quite a bit of weight to lose. I was on TPN for 18 months where I had more calories in each feed to last me a week…. needless to say I put on weight VERY quickly…. 2 months in and I have noticed I am losing inches… my clothes are starting to become baggier. I haven’t  changed my diet either! I’m still eating my “safe foods” that won’t flare up my Crohns, which is usually stuff people avoid because it isn’t great for fad diets!

I know all to well it will be a long process and journey for me but the results for me so far have really impacted my life in a positive way! I have so much more energy to play with my son, we are always doing something fun. I am moving more and my appetite isn’t as big as it once was which ultimately will promote healthy weight loss!

It is only 6 weeks to Christmas so I have a goal to see how much I can lose between now and then, because everyone wants to look great in party season right??

Why not try it for yourself and see how it can benefit you? What have you got to lose? You can get your Revital U Brew from my personal website . There is no risk to you and you get a full 30 day money back guarantee too! You can also save £10 on my website by selecting to be a preferred customer at the checkout ☕️🤗🍾👍

There are more fantabulous products in the pipeline… Black and Green Tea. There are also talks of an energy drink along the lines of “RedBull” which is suitable and safe for pro athletes that are competing…

This company is going to be a phenomenal success and the product really does work. It has benefited me and has improved my life for the better!


Jemma 😊

#HumpDayMotivation #WednesdayWisdom #SmartCoffeeUK #MakeItCount #BeTheChanged


A year of frustrations

Well I’m not really one for whinging…. well… too much anyway! We are in November, where has the year gone? Dreaded Christmas will be upon us soon (groan… I’m such a grinch!)

So I’ve had one lot of surgery this year as most close family and friends all know. I know all to well that there are more in the pipeline so we will just roll with the tide and deal with it when it happens.

I need to get this rant out. I absolutely hate how my body heals. 10 months post surgery, my surgical would, would you believe, has NOT healed. Yes, that’s right, I still have an open wound 10 months after surgery. 😡😡😡

Now, I can’t fault the practice nurses, on a whole they are really nice 👍 thankfully they have enlisted a tissue viability nurse to come up with ideas because my consultants and surgeons have basically washed their hands of me beings as I have had surgery. I’ve told them countless times I still haven’t healed and I’m met with this response…”Well, what do you expect us to do, it’s not like we can stitch up a cavity wound! It needs to heal from the inside”. It’s not really the point when you have just asked for input and ideas to promote healing…

The district nurses… don’t get me started! Now, I will always be the first to say they they are short staffed and run off their feet more often than not. Unfortunately I still require their help for wound dressings just 1 day of the weekend, namely on a Sunday. What gets me is how much I made to feel like an inconvenience to them. I would happily not have them come to me if I didn’t have this gaping wound in my tummy and the doctors surgery was open on a weekend. It feels like every week I’m told because I am mobile I do not require them to come out to me, regardless of gaping wound or not… it’s just the old and vulnerable who are entitled to their care. It’s so annoying. I wouldn’t mind but I’m suffering in these winter months with arthritis as it is! Apparently, according to them, I’m young so I don’t have arthritis…. deary me, Crohn’s disease, years of steroids and inflammation makes me a prime suspect for early arthritis! I’m really finding it difficult not to roll my eyes at them nowadays.

Because I have been tied basically to the medical world, I’ve had to forego some little luxuries this year. For example, no holiday this year. No proper day trips because of appointments after appointments. Having to be in the house until the district nurses have been on a weekend. I literally cannot plan to do anything on a weekend because of it. You know, little things that many people take for granted, I’m stuck not being able to plan such things. Even looking to the future, I can’t plan anything because my body isn’t healing. I would have loved to go to Texas in January for a conference but as I’m tied to the medical world for the foreseeable future, I can’t possibly go.

The one thing I always try to do is not let it take over my mental health. Crohns has robbed me of any health at all, the only thing I have left is my mental health and that is hanging together by a thread some days. It’s very easy to let the crohns take that too but what good will it do.

I’ve learnt over the years that I have to stay strong. I have to fight. I have to stay positive. I have got life which I nearly didn’t do 2 years ago. This bloody disease is not going to get the better of me anytime soon. The day it does will be a very bad day.

I live each day in pain. I live each day planning for every eventuality. I live each day with anxiety in one form or another. I always plan journeys meticulously. I have all my medical supplies with me at all times. I have a pharmacy going on in my house from all the treatments and medications I need to take to help avoid a hospital stay, which sometimes is inevitable anyway. This is my life.

I have learned to deal without the one thing that many people take for granted. You are lucky if you have never or rarely have to step inside a GP surgey, not on any long term medication with a chronic INVISIBLE disability that ultimately, one day, will probably be my downfall. I have defied all medical expectations for surviving through my worst Crohns battle to date. I intend to keep fighting, not just for me, but for my son too.

Rant over 😂😂🎉🍾🙈🙈🙈